So what's SoundRitual all about?

I'm Andy Sampson and SoundRitual Photos is all about combining two of my favourite things, music and photography. Having been to hundreds of gigs in my time, I've always enjoyed taking pictures of the event, and when fate gave me the chance to take things to a different level I grasped the nettle.

I've been in existence since 2014 and in that time I've become one of the house photographers for KOKO in Camden, London and also for the Mama group which includes The Garage and The Barfly, all of which are great venues for new bands.

I'm also a regular photographer and contributor to RockShot magazine, which has allowed me to shoot some of the larger and more established bands at venues such as the Roundhouse and the O2 Arena.

In addition I'm an approved photographer for Licklist who cover nightclubs and special events across the UK, and as you’ll see in the portfolio, nights shooting  these are always great fun. So if you’re a band that needs a photographer, or you have an event that needs covering, please email or give me a call. Andy

Andy Sampson, Music photographer

Andy Sampson, Music photographer

its me on the right by the way, clue is in the bloke holding the camera

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